About the Author

Tammie Dowd

Tammie Dowd is a blessed wife to Bob and grateful mom to their three children, Joshua, Daniel, and Olivia. Her family resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where she is a stay-at-home mom and a part-time hair stylist. Tammie loves making her clients feel beautiful, and she is passionate about sharing her faith. She secretly (Okay, she admits it’s no secret!) loves to talk on the phone with family and friends. While Tammie has been a guest blogger, this is her first time authoring a book. Tammie wants to encourage readers to a deeper relationship with Jesus and to see His purposes and promises through trials.


 Heather Beals

Heather Beals finds her ministry in advocating for children and families for educational and behavioral support and planning.  A former youth pastor  and mommy blogger, Heather has always had an affinity for sharing God’s  word in writing and pictures.  Currently completing a Master’s degree in School Guidance Counseling, Heather is a nationally certified counselor.  She resides in Feasterville, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughters, Emily, 12 and Hannah, 8.