About the Book

I am genuinely excited that you are here! Thank you for stopping by. Years ago, the Lord laid it on my heart to share my personal journey through the pain and the blessing of watching my mom fight a 20 year battle with breast cancer. While the battle rages on, the Lord has faithfully numbered my steps, so that I could share this with you.

A journal became my friend and confidante, as I wrote my feelings and struggles alongside the day-to-day events of life, when they are coupled with the harsh reality of cancer. It became abundantly clear, that the Lord desired me to share with others facing this same reality.

I am not an accomplished writer. I am just one of God’s girls, a hair stylist, by trade and a wife and mother, who listened to the still, small voice of Jesus encourage me to bring hope to others through unthinkable circumstances. God provided nourishment for this project through His Word, Godly sisters in Christ, who edited, talked, supported, co-authored, and held me accountable . He provided resources I could not have imagined of my own accord. This little book, filled with care, compassion, truth and hope is the product of years of prayer and life experience. I am proof that the Lord uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. My prayer for each of you, who take your precious time to read this book, is that God will meet you right where you are and that you will be able to see that He uses our struggles, pain, and even our weaknesses to bring Glory to His name. Ultimately, He provides peace for you to “get through the storm” and reveals His purpose and promises along the way.

~ Tammie